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Bodybuilding gym training seminars
from beginner to the advance athlete

Orange County CA

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Head Instructor Tirzah Sulima

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Assistant  Instructor Lee Sulima


My main goal has been to learn from the best and compile my own unique training methods, and bring more wellness to Bodybuilding and the women specifically in this sport.


My background starts at the age of 2-18 Ballet, I was trained by a Bolshoi ballerina. By the age of 18 I started bodybuilding, even though I made many mistakes along the way, that experience was crucial for my growth and development in the sport and to help others.

I started training with the best in the field such as Charles Glass, Tom Platz and my husband who trained with many top athletes. I have been extensively trained by Carol Vaz from Brazil where the Wellness Division started, and also the great Charles Poloquin. My diet background comes from Chris Aceto who does many diets for those who compete in the sport.

I have teamed up with my amazing husband whom I adore and has taught me so much in this field and has pushed me to be a better person everyday. -Tirzah Sulima

Lee Sulima

Assistant Instructor

Former Competitor

First Aid Instructor



170 Yorba Linda Blvd PMB #315, Placentia, CA 92870